St. Patrick’s Day TRAPS & TRICKS

St Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!

I’m not sure if it’s because green is my favorite color or memories from my Irish grandma. Every year my kids build a leprechaun trap in hopes of catching the mischievous little guy before he reeks havoc on our house.

10377025_10206149515523870_8316433611616454908_nWhat you will need:

  • A base to decorate (cardboard or a sheet of thick card stock)
  • A box for the trap (can be built from popsicle sticks, an old tissue box, cereal box ect.)
  • Shiny gold coins to attract the leprechaun to your trap
  • Paint or decorate with rainbow somewhere on or near the trap so the leprechaun will follow it to the end
  • You will need some type of stick to keep the door or roof propped up, but don’t glue it as it will need to fall to shut the lid
  • For this trap my daughter collected a few pieces of shamrock confetti, the shamrock stick from her cupcake, orange, white and green flowers, and a few shiny gems.

1524823_10206149515723875_1438077870713499658_nWe have yet to catch that sneaky little leprechaun, but he always leaves a fun trail throughout the house as he makes his way to our trap.

Leprechaun mischief :

  • dye the toilet green (a few drops of green food coloring)
  • have the faucet run green (hide green color tablet inside the faucet filter)
  • green paint foot trail – its amazing how his feet are the SAME size as our Dora doll 😉
  • green streamers hanging from the door way (or crisscrossed  across door frame to trap in the older kids)
  • green and white balloons covering the floor of the childs bedroom

The leprechaun usually leaves a trail of gold coins leading outside where he hides a fun St. Patrick’s day treat or small toy for the kids!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What fun ways do you celebrate with your little ones??


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