Valentine Love Notes for kids

Valentines day is my favorite holiday, and I don’t mean all the romance, buy me chocolate, a dozen roses valentines day. I mean all the pretty pink (I adore the color pink), showing one another love, making pretty cards, giving little gifts to the ones I love.

Ever since my twins first valentines day I have tried to celebrate and make the holiday special for them. One of the ways I have done this is by writing little love notes to them for each day in February leading up to Valentines Day. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to show your kids how much you love them, and how special they are.


Here’s what I do:
Each night starting the last night in January up until the night before Valentines Day I write a simple note to each of my kids, then I place them in these little *mailboxes. When they wake up the next morning they each have a note that I get to read to them. It’s that simple. Don’t have a little mailbox? Tape them to their door or make one of those paper valentine mailboxes, or a shoebox would work too. Happy Valentines day!

*I found these mailboxes a few years ago in the dollar bins at Target, and I actually just saw very similar ones this year if you’re looking for some.



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