Snowed IN? Have indoor fun with SNOW!

We like to take the term SNOWED IN literally around here!



Since you probably just unloaded the mounds of sand toys from your trunk to make room for the sleds, brush them off and bring them inside!


What you will need :

  • Sand toys
  • Large bucket to collect snow in
  • Sheet or blanket to lay on floor and a few extra towels for wiping up
  • A cookie sheet to build SNOW castles on
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens
  • For the young ones put on their snow suit as they might end up sitting in the snow towards the end of play time
  • Small sticks, buttons, ribbons, raisins and a baby carrot for a small indoor snowman

While you sit back with your cup of coffee and watch your kids enjoy the snow in the warmth of your home, be sure to snap a few photos and share your SNOWED IN creations with us on our facebook page we would love to see them!




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